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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement respects your right to privacy. We are commited to protecting your information while you are visiting our web site. This privacy policy is to help you understand what type of information we store and why.

We use standard software logging that you can expect to see on any other web site. This logs purpose is to let us know about any technical problems our web site may be having. We log IP address, time of visit and pages visited. This information kept for minimal amount of time.

We use cookies to track form submissions. If you wish to avoid cookies, do not submit any of our forms.

Any external links that we display are not subject to the same privacy policy. Please review their privacy policy for more information.

Third Party Ads
We display ads from various advertisers and those advertisers may use cookies or other technologies to track various information. Often they use the information to display ads that are of your interest. Please review their privacy policy for additional information.